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About LPi

What is LPi ?

LPiTM or Loan Probability Index is a score, generated using our proprietary data science tool, which lets you know the ‘probability’ or ‘chances’ of getting the kind of loan you want. We then use this score to connect you with lender partners where your chances of getting this loan are the highest.

How is LPi different from a Credit Score?

Credit Scores, published by Credit Bureaus in India, while referred to by banks are not the only decisioning factor. Banks consider several other aspects of your profile as well while arriving at a decision. Therefore, a good credit score does not automatically guarantee an approval and a bad credit score doesn’t mean an automatic rejection.

LPiTM  takes a look at your profile the way a lender does – which is why its more appropriate and holistic indicator of your loan chances..

What categories of loans are covered by LPi?

Currently LPiTM can be calculated for the following categories of housing loans:

  • Flat/Apartment Purchase – New (under construction or ready) or Resale
  • Independent House Purchase - New (under construction or ready) or Resale
  • Residential plot purchase

What categories of borrowers can get an LPiTM?

We can assess LPi for Salaried, Self Employed Professionals and Business Owners

Are there any charges for assessing my LPiTM?

LPiTM assessment is free of charge.

Information Capture

What information or documents do I need to get the LPiTM?

Please keep the following information / documents readily available as you begin the application process:

  • PAN Card
  • Pay slips
  • Bank Statements
  • Information of Co-borrower (If any)
  • Bank Statements

The information sought looks elaborate. Is it necessary?

Our platform simulates a lender’s loan application and requires information relevant for determining your LPiTM Some of the details asked are not mandatory, however a more comprehensive application will lead to a more accurate LPiTM.

Credit Report Check

Why should I perform Credit Report verification?

Credit Report verification is an important part of understanding your credit worthiness. Although not mandatory, performing the verification will lead to a more accurate LPiTM.

Which Credit Bureau does ValuCircles use?

We have partnered with CRIF High Mark ( for credit report analysis.

Eligibility, LPiTM and Loan Offers

Can you explain the eligibility details and LPiTM score color grading?

After evaluating your profile ValuCircles determines your loan eligibility and the LPiTM for the eligible loan. Valucircles grades your LPiTM into 5 categories from Poor to Excellent for ease of understanding. The better the LPiTM the higher the chances of securing the loan you are eligible for.

I am eligible for a loan and have a good LPiTM but I don’t see any offers. Why is that?

Once we evaluate your profile and determine eligibility and LPiTM we then match your requirements with offers from our lending partners to give you offers. If none of our partners have an offer for you we will review your profile offline and get back to you.

Ok I got offers, what next?

Once you view your offers, you can review these and proceed further by clicking the ‘initiate’ button. It is then that we share your profile details with the selected lenders for further processing of the application and you can expect the lender to contact you. You can also track the progress on our site and reach out to us for any additional help.

I have applied to the lenders listed can I still make modifications?

You need to be sure of all your information before you submit the same. Once you click on the ‘initiate’ button – your details are shared with our lender partners and you can no longer make any modifications. You can however, submit further information to our lending partner when they contact you.

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